VUSE Series - 'Ciro'



VUSE Series - 'Solo'



VUSE Series - 'Vibe' 




Client : VUSE

Produced by HAVAS Worldwide, Studio6

Creative Director : Chad Shack

Producer : Christina Armano

Design : Hester Kim, Ingrid Ma, Phoebe Mak

Animation : Kirok Kwon, DongJun Shon, Peter Ryu

3D Animation : Peter Berthold, Peter Ryu, Hoon Han






Vuse, a digital vapor cigarette, has differentiated itself in the market by primarily focusing on flavor. For the product animations, we needed to show how vibrant, colorful and sensory the devices could be. 

For this project, I contributed to the pitch design, which ultimately helped award us the business. I led the animation on one of the products: the Vuse Solo. Because the key takeaway for this device is its simplicity, I mirrored this claim by crafting a straightforward yet bold look and feel to the animation. In addition, I assisted on other Vuse products as a 2D animator.

Style Frame