USDS - 'You Will Never Be The Same Again'




Client : The U.S. Digital Service, USDS

Produced by HAVAS Worldwide, Studio6

Lead Creative Direction : Toygar Bazarkaya

Creative Director : Can Misirlioglu

Producer : Mark Forte

Design : Eunsung Do, DongJun Shon

Animation : Kirok Kown, DongJun Shon, Eunsung Do, Abigail Kim

Music : Brandon Jiaconia





USDS (U.S. Digital Service) is a digital platform that was introduced by President Obama in 2015 and served to benefit students, patients, veterans and immigrants by revamping their disorganized and largely paper-based platforms into a streamlined digital process. Touted as “The first startup in the White House,” USDS needed to make a video about their groundbreaking program. 

Our idea for the animation revolved around a glowing, yellow orb that represented ‘the illumination of our ideas’ as explained by a quote from Steve Jobs. This orb moved through a day in the life, constrained by its own walls and limitations until it was able to shatter expectations with the help of USDS.

USDS was an exciting challenge due to the tight turnaround. I contributed to this project on every step of the process from initial ideation and concept design to animation and execution, all in less than two weeks.

Because of the timeline parameters, we kept the design stylized and focused on the delicate simplicity of the animation, which served to underscore how USDS could streamline a previously complicated bureaucracy.

Style Frame




We received a letter from  the White House  signed by President  Barack Obama    

We received a letter from the White House signed by President Barack Obama