Client : IBM

Produced by HAVAS Worldwide, Studio6

Creative Director : Adam Zoltowski

Producer : Colin Tarpey

Design : Tim Haldeen, Sam Ballardini

Animation : Kirok Kwon, Deekay Kwon, DongJun Shon





Symphonic Office is an IBM cloud platform that provides built-in security and DevOps toolchains.

As a principal client, IBM has partnered with us on numerous projects from their cloud computing to their cognitive learning capabilities like Watson. And yet this project was one of my favorites. For this, I led the character animation and developed scene animation as well.

Created entirely in After Effects, we transformed the provided illustrations into fully realized, vivid animations through refining the design and crafting dimension through character expressions and smooth, unexpected transitions.  

Style Frame




IBM Symphonic_1.png
IBM Symphonic_2_v2.jpg
IBM Symphonic_3_v2.jpg
IBM Symphonic_4_v2.jpg
IBM Symphonic_5_v2.jpg
IBM Symphonic_6_v2.jpg