Project by DongJun Shon

Music : Darius - 'Velour'

One of my favorite authors is Bernard Werber. He’s a French science fiction writer recognized for Empire of the Ants, Le Pavillon des Etoiles, and L'Arbre des Possibles.

One day I came across a Bernard Werber interview. He was asked where he finds his inspiration. He replied his ideas spring from his dream notebook, something he always puts near his bed before he goes to sleep. And whenever he dreams of something he feels might translate to a story, he records it in his dream notebook before he forgets.

His idea inspired me to create my own version for this project. And instead of simply recording my dreams in a notebook, I wanted to stay true to my roots as an animator and bring the images to life as 3D renders. 

The symbolism was a key element for me—creating a visual space that lived between the dream and the wakefulness led me to the hologram, a perfect combination of the real and the imagined. 






Making Hologram Crown



Creating animation


4 side screen.gif

Editing 4 sided-screen for Hologram Crown


Installing Hologram Crown