Client : Hershey's

Produced by HAVAS Worldwide, Studio

Art Director : Tim Haldeen

Producer : Mark Mutschler

Copywriter : Katharine Flynn

Design : Tim Haldeen, Peter Berthold, DongJun Shon

3D Animation : Peter Berthold, DongJun Shon, Peter Ryu

Creative Technologist : Joe Campbell

Technologist : Yue Melody Hu





Collaborating with Google Daydream, we created Hershey's PopKisses Studio, a unique interactive VR experience that let Hershey’s fans interact with the brand in a modern and innovative way.

The experience transported users into five unique virtual worlds where they could select different patterns from the surrounding environment to create a Hershey’s Kiss of their own. I participated in the 3D modeling and animation on two of the worlds, including the fan-favorite: Happy Hallows.

This was our first foray into virtual reality. Due to the inherent limitations of creating animation in VR, we had to design the entire experience in C4D and then transfer it to Unity, which added an additional layer of complexity.

PopKisses Studio was installed in Hershey's Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania and at the Hershey’s store in Las Vegas.

Style Frame




HERSHEY'S VR WORLD - 'Bouncing Bliss'



HERSHEY'S VR WORLD - 'Happy Halloween'



HERSHEY'S VR WORLD - 'Floating Curiocity'



HERSHEY'S VR WORLD - 'Sliding Delight'