GRACE MITCHELL - 'Kids ( Ain't All Right )' Making Video



GRACE MITCHELL - 'Kids ( Ain't All Right )' Lyric Video




Client : Grace Mitchell

Produced by HAVAS Worldwide, Studio6

Creative Director : Can Misirlioglu

Art Direction : Hester Kim

Producer : Colin Tarpey

Design : DongJun Shon

Video Direction : Joseph D'amelio





Grace Mitchell - Kids (Ain’t All Right) video won the Clio Bronze Award for Printed Material Design in 2017.

We wanted to highlight the artist’s outspoken political views and how she conveyed her message to an audience. As lead designer on this project, I drew inspiration from the handmade mementos of disenfranchised youth from decades past: the classic zine. These were booklets filled with art, politics and culture.

For this video, we constructed our own using a pastiche of photographs, vintage magazines and handwritten notes and disrupted these with an ultra-modern, graphic iconography. I also created digital elements such as pixelated images and C4D models, then carefully aligned these elements to express a 2017 version of a zine. The completed product was then filmed overhead on Hi8 for the lyric video and advanced a gritty narrative with each turn of the page. 

Republic Records printed copies of the zine and distributed them to fans at her concerts and incorporated this aesthetic into various other shows and events.

Style Frame




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